Top Sylists from Bumble and Bumble Right Here in Westchester

Massimo DiCicco-Stylist

Massimo DiCicco-Stylist

Massimo DiCicco started his career in hair at Westchester School of Beauty Culture and went right to work in one of Manhattan's top salons. At Bumble and Bumble he began as an apprentice where, for two and a half years, he honed his craft. He continued to excel over the next nine years and grew a strong clientele that continue to seek him out. Additionally, as an Educator for Bumble, Massimo traveled the world teaching the Bumble cutting and styling techniques at seminars, road shows and in salons.


Fashion Week brought a new opportunity for Massimo to shine. For the past 16 seasons Massimo worked at the shows in New York, Milan and Paris. His hair creations have graced the models on the runways of Marc Jacobs, BCBG and Moschino. He continues to lend his expertise back stage to the designers of Fashion Week.


In June, 2007, he and Dawn Bruckner (aka Roni) a co-worker from Bumble, opened Salon Firefly in Larchmont, New York. Massimo now divides his time working three days a week at Salon Firefly in Westchester and two days a week at Bumble and Bumble in New York City.

Dawn Bruckner- Stylist

Dawn Bruckner (aka Roni) started her career in 1983 at Bumble & Bumble in New York City. Dawn began as an apprentice where she went through a rigorious two year training program learning how to cut hair using the Bumble & Bumble techniques. In 1985, Dawn was promoted to stylist. With razor in hand and her visionary skills, Dawn became one of the most sought after stylists at Bumble & Bumble. Being at the cutting edge in this ever changing fast paced world oh hair, Dawn transcended her skills by teaching in the Bumble apprentice program.


In June of 2007, Dawn with her partner Massimo, launched Salon Firefly located in Larchmont N.Y.

Natalie D'Aloia- Colorist

In July 2014, Natalie joined the Salon Firefly team as a colorist. Prior to working at Salon Firefly, Natalie worked at Vincent Vanzandt. There she was taught cut and color using the John Sahag method.


In addition to coloring, she is also certified in Keratin straightening services. While at Salon Firefly she continues her education through Bumble & Bumble University and Whittmore House NYC.

Nicole Boaz- Colorist

A highly sought-after colorist at Salon Firefly, Nicole draws inspiration from today's trends. Her creativity and flair for color are reflected in her favorite application: hair painting.


In June 2014, Nicole began as a color apprentice at Salon Firefly. Within two years she completed Salon Firefly's in-house apprentice training. Additionally, Nicole enhanced her skils by taking classes at the Redken Exchange and Whittmore House. Nicole will continue to grow her colorist wings by attending Bumble and Bumble University.


Prior to working at Salon Firefly, Nicole attended Westchester School of Beauty Culture.

Jessica JuniorStylist

Jessica is a Westchester County native. She started her hairdressing education at Capri Cosmetology Center. Jessica joined Salon Firefly in 2015 honing her cutting and styling skills under Massimo's direction. She has become an asset to Firefly. She is passionate about razor cutting and client satisfaction.

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